Mental clouds

dimensions variable

︎Playground, Bospolderplein 16, Rotterdam

Simply touching and shaping could be a meditative movement in which the physicality of the material shapes the hands’ gestures and sequentially sculpts a mental object. The being in this situation might recognize its hidden authenticity  by taking care of an unshaped piece of clay.

Without having a prenotion of what the rough piece of clay in hand could potentially look like, I just grabbed a random amount, having no idea how I was going to shape it. My hands followed the nature structure of each piece of clay and helped them become what they wanted to be. I confess that the creativity and opinions which are supposed to play roles in making them were actually not there with me, I abandoned them as if they could bother the mental pleasure.

I questioned myself what was there taking a part of making these strange creatures. Is that just my existence which left these traces on the material?