Knitting requires very little skills for beginners. The repetitive and mechanical hands movements tangling with sticks and yarns started to fill the fragmented time when I didn’t know what to do in that present moment. Facing lots of “spare time” at home since the second lockdown, I turned those blankness and my own sluggishness into some knitted pieces which can be touched and worn.

Without any designed functions or sketches for the working yarn I was knitting in hand, the shape came out organically following the intuition of randomness —stop knitting one row at any point and start a new row on top of it, or make a foundational row whenever I feel like to; switch between the knit stitch and the purl stitch — the repetitive manual labour continued with the random choices I made until the roll of yarn reached its end.

I later sent all of these nothing-in-particular to some of my friends in Rotterdam.

Knitting the pandemic away #07, ~ Wool yarn, acrylic yarn, ribbon yarn, wood knitting needle