Ying Liu positions herself as a time killer and dilettante in art, experimenting the aimlessly long-term engagement with materials whilst embracing the uncertainty that comes with daily experiments in forms of installation, performance, video and drawing.

Influenced by a Chinese Buddhist family she has developed a strong tendency to decentralize the “self” through minimizing her artist’s authority in the art-making. Her practice explores the possibilities of "motional mediation" in the field of everyday life, while suspending her own subjectivity and expression.

Ying is currently based in Rotterdam after finished her photography education at Beijing Film Academy(2016, CN) and Master of Fine Arts at Master Institute of Visual Cultures(2020, NL). In addition to her own practice, she also works as an artist duo The Amazing Oriental together with Alireza Abbasy. She is a founder of Platform LivingRoom, and a curator of Sarmad Platform in Rotterdam.

︎ email: strangerying@hotmail.com
︎ whatsapp: +31617291784
︎ instagram: @strangeryingliu