A must-read notebook

14 x 9.5 x 2 cm

 I alienate languages on my notebook by drawing them quickly with the first impressions or using the unintelligible muscle memory of my mother language.

The impressively strange feeling of facing the unknown for the first time was when I was a kid trying to read my father’s hand writing which was so abstract and free as hell. The massive undecipherable notes immediately put me in an excluded position to enter a world that was just in front of my eyes.

This notebook project started with making fun of a problem I have which is about being unable to do fast writing in a natural and comfortable way when normally writing in Chinese/English. My hand writing shows on paper is always weird and clumsy which now has been used as an advantage since I realised this special skill that is of easily making any written languages unrecognizable.

Through writing the language-alike languages, I doubt the meaning and value of any real languages in the world.