Black Mama

(in collaboration with Alireza Abbasy)

- Installation
- Dimension: 6 x 3.5 x 2 m
- Material: Building foil (Polyethylene), solidified luminescent paint, uv torch
- Ruimte Caesuur, Middelburg
24  June - 30 July, 2023

Black Mama for us is much more than just an installation project.
It is a being, full of darkness, and yet full of glow.
You are invited to enter, as gently and silently as you can, and let her embrace you with her forgiving arms.

Darkness is our loving origin, as the womb is indeed a dark place.
This work intends to engage with darkness, as a healing force, as the alternative reality in which the solid self disappears and the individual is relieved of the paralyzing grip of the mind.

This work is inspired by the work of Zenju Earthlyn Manuel, author, artist and ordained Zen priest. The writings in this installation are free translations (into Persian, Chinese and Dutch) of passages from two of her books, “Opening to darkness”, 2023 and “The deepest peace: contemplations from a season of stillness”, 2020. The meditative quality of the act of manual translation into our mother tongues played a crucial role in the development of this work.